Beautiful Pets' services offered:

  • Beauty baths with first quality products;
  • Ozone baths and spa;                    NEW!!!
  • Flea and tick baths;
  • Ozone dryer;
  • Clipping of all sanitary areas;
  • Scissor hair cut;
  • Clipper hair cut;
  • Stripping with stone;
  • Combing;
  • Brushing;
  • Deshedding;
  • Dematting;
  • Pads trimming or shaving;
  • Nail trimming;
  • Ear cleaning;
  • Teeth brushing with 100% ultrasound toothbrush;   NEW!!!
  • Cologne;
  • Ribbons and Bandanas;
  • Picture of your pet in our website gallery.


New ultrasound toothbrushing service:

This 100% Ultrasound toothbrush is a most effective method of animal oral hygiene and pet dental care without the use of dental istruments nor anesthesia. The toothbrush does not function like conventional or electric toothbrushes which use mechanical friction. It utilizes the characteristics of modern ultrasound technologies. The ultrasound does the cleaning, not the brushing with particles inside the toothpaste. It is the "no-brushing" innovation, it cleans without any motion, vibration or noise. Your pet will feel no sensation while cleaning his teeth.

Millions of ultrasonic waves are created per minute by a piezo chip which is inside the head. The ultrasonic waves are directed via the bristles and together with the Ultrasound Toothpaste, where they form millions of nano-bubbles/micro-bubbles. These tiny bubbles are able to penetrate into the smallest interdental spaces, fissures, gingival pockets and clefts without any mechanical pressure and without any mechanical friction or other stress. All impurities such as tartar, food particles and bacteria and stains are thoroughly removed through implosion of these extremely small bubbles.    




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